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Travel Scanner 150, DocuPrint C115/116/225, DocuPrint P/M 225/235/265/275, DocuCentre-V, DocuCentre-VI Series

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Eligible Model List

  A4 A3
  Color Black and White Color Black and White
Printer DocuPrint CP115 w
DocuPrint CP116 w
DocuPrint CP225 w
DocuPrint P235 db
DocuPrint P235 d
DocuPrint P275 dw
DocuPrint P285 dw
Multifunction Printer / Device DocuPrint CM115 w
DocuPrint CM225 fw
DocuPrint M235 dw
DocuPrint M235 z
DocuPrint M275 z
DocuPrint M285 z
DocuCentre-V C3373/C3375/C4475/C5575
DocuCentre-V C3374/C3376/C4476/C5576
DocuCentre-VI C3370/C3371/C4471/C5571
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Other DocuPrint / Phaser Series or DocuMate Series

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Eligible Model List

  A4 A3
  Color Black and White Color Black and White
Printer DocuPrint CP315 dw
DocuPrint CP405 d
DocuPrint CP505 d
DocuPrint CP555 d
DocuPrint P355 db
DocuPrint P355 d
DocuPrint P365 d
DocuPrint P375 d
DocuPrint P375 dw
DocuPrint P455 d
DocuPrint P505 d
Phaser 7100 N
DocuPrint C2255
DocuPrint C5005 d
Phaser 7800 DN
DocuPrint 3105
DocuPrint 3205 d
DocuPrint 4405 d
DocuPrint 5105 d
Multifunction Printer / Device DocuPrint CM315 z
DocuPrint CM405 df
DocuPrint CM505 da
DocuPrint M355 df
DocuPrint M375 df
DocuPrint M375 z
DocuPrint M455 df
DocuCentre SC2022 DocuCentre S2320
DocuCentre S2520
Scanner DocuMate 3220
DocuMate 3125
DocuMate 4440
DocuMate 6440
DocuMate 6480
N/A DocuMate 4830
DocuMate 4799
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Scratch-and-Grab Rewards Program

Earn Scratch-and-Grab Rewards Program Bonus Points

Scratch-and-Grab Game is a reward game for customers in Hong Kong and Macau. Only Fuji Xerox Genuine Supplies come with this label.

Customers can accumulate points and enjoy gift redemption by scratching the Scratch-and-Grab game code and register on within 30 days of purchase of Fuji Xerox Genuine Supplies.

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